Kauai Retreats
Radiant Health and Self-Realization

Kauai Retreats...Not just another vacation!

Kauai retreats are especially designed to restore balance in every area of your life. You will be trained in time tested disciplines, so when you get back home you are inspired, rejuvenated and equipped with the right tools to lead a healthy lifestyle and attain Radiant health.


Have you ever felt that you need a vacation from your vacation?

How often you returned home from a vacation exhausted or even sick from too much of everything…

  • Too much of the wrong foods...
  • Too much running around...
  • Staying up too late, etc...

Any of our retreats in the magical island of Kauai will enable you to recharge, renew, and rejuvenate, your body, mind and spirit.

Each one of our retreats regardless of the retreat's specific theme, will give you the well needed and well deserved vacation you are looking for and propel you onto a higher and healthier experience of life.

When we say vacation...We mean a break from old unhealthy habitual lifestyle choices. A time to pose, give your systems a true rest and a chance to renew and rejuvenate. An opportunity to train under the supervision of a teacher in time tested disciplines that will most definitely transform your natural lifestyle choices to be positive, healthy and inspiring to you and the world around you.

Stop!!! And Smell the roses (Most likely Plumeria on Kauai) ...Take some time for yourself!

This is no longer a luxury opportunity for the few. Nor it is a waste of money. This is a necessity for a sane healthy life, in an insane, fast moving, nerve wrecking world that most of us live in.


  • A precious time for yourself, together with a small group of like-minded people.
  • A time away from it all in the naturally balanced environment of Kauai.
  • Time to heal, energize, rejuvenate and develop your insights and spiritual clarity.
  • Time to wake up to the ultimate power within you and...
  • Learn the skills of healthy living through the timeless teachings of Yoga and Vedanta

What are Kauai Retreats training programs?

All of Kauai retreats training programs, include Yoga classes, Meditation (Satsang), a vegan raw alkaline diet menu, educational / inspirational workshops speakers and entertainers. Kauai retreats training programs are designed for optimum cleansing, nourishing and nurturing of your body, mind and spirit.

Which of Kauai Retreats training is the answer to your current needs?

Each of the retreats has a different emphasis to suit your needs...Every retreat aims at increasing your awareness and skills in the natural and forgotten "art" of healthy living.

  • When was the last time you took a vacation just for you?
  • Do you remember how it feels to be inspired and enthusiastic?
  • Be Full of energy and vitality and High on life?

No matter who you are, how much money you have or not have, how many kids you have, what kind of a job you have etc... Everyone...NEEDS some time off it all!

Time to reflect and recharge your being as a whole and learn how to improve the quality of your life on every level.

With what you get in any of Kauai retreats you will be able to step out of discomfort and dis-ease or imbalance of any kind and start living your life to the fullest potential.

 Your health and happiness is our joy! Your well-being is our reward!

5 days All Inclusive  Retreats

Seven days Training Retreats in Kauai, the Hawaiian Garden Island.

OM meditate at the common ground kauai

Small groups - You get the attention you deserve!

Kauai retreats training programs are designed to host between 6-8 individuals. The groups are small so you can receive full attention. Retreats are held monthly. See our retreats calendar.   

Kauai Signature Yoga Retreats Include...

  1. Yoga Asanas (As an instrument for Meditation). Relaxation. Pranayama (Breathing techniques),
  2. Raw alkaline Diet menu and Raw cooking workshop
  3. Daily workshops - May include but not limited to:
  • Positive thinking in daily life - How to use your mind's creative power to your advantage.
  • Concentration and meditation
  • The art of Relaxation
  • Vegan Alkaline diet. Raw cooking workshop
  • From self-service to Selfless service. Sure and shortest way to happiness. (Karma yoga and its benefits)
  1. Daily Satsang - Meditation, Chanting, Words of ancient wisdom...
  2. Mantra Initiation - Optional.
  3. Guest speakers and entertainers.
  4. Adventures, beach time, sightseeing, shopping (Not included)
    To learn more visit our signature Yoga retreats page
    Or to see dates and register for this yoga retreat visit the registration page

Kauai signature retreats are open to anyone who desire to have a healthier and happier experience of life. Prior experience in yoga, meditation, or raw food is not required. Beginners are welcome.

Kauai Meditation Retreats include...

  1. Yoga Asanas. Relaxation. Pranayama (Breathing techniques),
  2. Raw alkaline Diet menu and Raw cooking workshop
  3. Raja Yoga - Study from the Raja Yoga Sutras - The meditation path
  4. Concentration and meditation techniques workshops
  5. Meditation, Chanting, Words of ancient wisdom...(Satsang)
  6. Guest speakers and entertainers
  7. Adventures, beach time, sightseeing, shopping (Not included)

To learn more about our meditation retreats go to Meditation retreats in Kauai
To register for a Meditation retreat visit the registration page

Kauai Meditation retreats are for people who desire peace of mind and aspire to deepen their spiritual experience of life. As well as achieve a state of radiant health. No prior experience in meditation is necessary. 

Kauai Weight-loss and Cleansing Retreats Include...

  1. Yoga Asanas. Relaxation. Pranayama (Breathing techniques),
  2. Raw alkaline Diet menu and daily Raw cooking workshops
  3. A day of Juice fast and a day of blended foods for intensified cleansing.
  4. Food as medicine - Workshop
  5. Radiant Health and Healthy lifestyle, Education.
  6. Keeping your optimal weight in daily life - Workshop
  7. Positive thinking - Master your destiny -Workshop 
  8. Meditation, Chanting, Words of ancient wisdom...(Satsang)
  9. Guest speakers and entertainers
  10. Adventures, beach time, sightseeing, shopping (Optional-Not included)

To learn more about our Weight-loss retreats go to Weight loss Retreats in Kauai
To register for a weight-loss retreat visit the registration page

Kauai Weight-loss and cleansing retreats are for the health and longevity seekers. Designed to inspire and equip you with all the tools and practices of healthy living that will lead your body naturally to its optimum weight.

Kauai Raw Chef Certificate, Retreat Include...

  1. Attaining Radiant Health - Workshop
  2. In the kitchen: You will learn to create alkaline foods that are delicious and nutritious. Foods that will cleanse, heal, regenerate, rejuvenate, balance, energize, lift your spirit and much more...
  3. Raw alkaline diet education: Nutrition, techniques and all the
    "how to" you need, to be 100% satisfy with your food
  4. Raw for kids of all ages. - Fast food: Pizza, Burrito, Ice cream etc. 
  5. Juice fast - Shakes - Soups - Cleansing
  6. Alkaline deserts
  7. Raw "Baking" - OM's secrets, never before seen anywhere In the Raw food world.
  8. Yoga class
  9. Meditation and chanting
  10. Time for Adventures, beach time, sight seeing, shopping (Optional-Not included)
  11. Guest speakers (When available)
  12. Graduation ceremony - evening of inspiration, entertainment and great food.
    To learn more, visit the Raw Chef certificate retreat in Kauai page
    To register for the raw chef certificate retreat visit the registration page

Health is your birthright! The Alkaline Raw Chef retreat is an amazing opportunity to still learn directly from OM how to prepare the foods you like in their Raw version. So they are alive and therefore, cleansing and nourishing at the same time. Especially if you are a parent this retreat is a must for you. It is in your hands to create or eliminate pain and suffering from the lives of your children in present time or in their future.

One Day Retreats

Sadhana Intensive - One day of spiritual training.
A retreat to your inner and higher Self.

Planning a trip to Kauai? Take one day off running around our beautiful island and enjoy an energizing, relaxing satisfying, nourishing and nurturing one day training. You will be very happy you did! Your trip will become so much more memorable or even a radical turning point in your health and well-being.

Sadhana intensive is an all practice day to recharge, rejuvenate, inspire and reconnect you to your own self. All that you seek, is already within you...The four paths of yoga offers a practical Self-discovery methods, capable of transforming a spiritual seeker into a seer and a knower of truth. Sadhana means regular spiritual practice. The day include:

  1. Yoga Asana,
  2. Pranayama,
  3. Relaxation,
  4. concentration and meditation,
  5. Devotional practices- mantras, kirtan, prayer
  6. Vedanta in daily life,
  7. Raw food and more...

For more information, go to Sadhana intensive
To register for your Sadhana intensive visit the registration page

The Sadhana Intensive, one day retreat is open to everyone with a desire for a better quality of life. Sometimes one day is all it takes to get on a healthier path. A practical way to eliminate suffering and misery from your daily life and positively influence the life of people all around you.

Cleansing - One day juice fast retreat Include...

Whether you are visiting our beautiful island of Kauai or you are Kama'aina (A child of the land) treat yourself to a day of total health and relaxation. Allow your body to rest from eating and reboot itself. You will feel energized relaxed and inspired. This one day and the tools you receive in it, could be the positive turning point you needed that will propel you to a much better health for years to come!

A jump start to a healthy diet and lifestyle. One day of immersion in the practices that leads to Radiant health.

  1. Juices throughout the day
  2. Yoga Asanas, pranayama (Breathing techniques), relaxation - class
  3. Concentration and meditation.
  4. Yogic cleansing techniques - Kriyas
  5. Alkaline diet and lifestyle - Workshop
  6. Tools to take home with you
    To learn more visit the Juice fast page
    To register for your Juice fast one day retreat visit the registration page.

Cleansing retreats in Kauai are for everyone! Once you have taken this one day retreat you will be able to repeat it at home as often as you like. We recommend once a month or at least 4 times a year. Give your body and mind a brake while nourishing both at the same time.

Workshops, Courses, Seminars

Kauai retreats workshops, courses and seminars are three hours long. You may enjoy our programs on location at the retreat house or online wherever you are.

All programs are open to everyone with a desire to learn the various aspects of the science of yoga in a very direct and practical way. You will be amazed, how daily practice (Sadhana) can change the way you see and experience life for the better. Yoga is a science that contains the keys to success in everything you do.

Kauai Retreats Daily Training Program:

Every retreat of Kauai retreats is designed to help you adapt a healthy lifestyle practices and disciplines. our 7 days retreats are especially a great opportunity for your body and mind to get on a healthy track so you can continue your practices easily when you return home.

So what do we do on a typical retreat day? 

  • Wake up - 6:00 am or before if you need more time in the morning.
  • Herbal teas and other cleansing drinks to start the day on the right foot.
  • Breathing exercise (Pranayama) 6:30-7:00 am
  • Daily workshop - 7:30-9:00
  • Breakfast - 9:00 am
  • Free time for Adventures, beach, personal consultations (Not included) etc... until 3pm
  • Lunch - A whole meal stuffed in a raw burrito. Lunches are made in a way that is easy to take with you on your adventure or to the beach. You have never seen an awesome burrito meal like this one...
  • Yoga class - 3:30-4:45 PM
  • Dinner - 5:00 pm
  • Satsang (meditation, chanting, insightful teachings) 6:30-8:00 pm.
    (Satsang may include guests speakers and / or entertainers).

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Radiant Health
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* Eat live foods
* Think positively
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